Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haven't Been Here In Awhile

I graduated in December. I moved back home. I got a job. Four days a week 24/7 I live in a boys' house in Detroit. A scholarship, residential program. Everything is very different from a year ago when I was updating this blog semi-regularly.

However, the themes are the same, and my life, on the inside, is still the same. My grandpa is very sick. My dad doesn't have a job. My mom is so worried that she get headaches from the stress; she can't seem to function without thinking of her worries. It makes me sick. But I am lucky. The boys that I work with are here because of "environmental factors". Maybe one of their parents died, left, or doesn't have enough money to take care of them. Maybe their neighborhoods aren't the best. The program believes that to be successful, they should live in a program I help run. Haha. Me? I can't even help my own family!

It is funny. I am not nearly as sensitive to the boys' criticism as I thought I would be. It hurts when you can hear teenagers whispering about you through closed doors. But I don't mind. My siblings and I fight all the time. Its not really that different.

Nothing is that different. Still, I'm worried.


careysue said...

I love you, don't you worry everything will be OK! As far as the boy's whispering, who cares what they think, right? You're an amazing woman and I'm so proud of you!

chel.seeeea said...

What the hell. I knew from the beginning I didn't like those boys. Don't worry, you won't work there soon enough and those boys can continue on failing at life.

dandelionia said...

It's ok Chelsea it wasn't that big of a deal! But thank you!!!!!!