Friday, March 7, 2008


Last night, let's say around 10 PM, I explained to Alex my strategy for multiple choice tests. I am, of course, brilliant, so you all may want to take notes.

Each letter is a different person.

That's it. It's very simple, see, because each letter is trying to sell you a different answer and you have to see through their scams to the real answer that only the true, kind letter knows.

But they switch all the time, so you have to keep on your toes. You, also, of course, have to hold a constant dialogue with these letters.

"Oh A, no A, I know you--you've always been a tricky letter, but C, now C would never deceive me, would you C?" And so it goes.

I've never told anyone this strategy before, so let's hear it, who else talks to the different options during multiple choice tests? Hm, let's reword that for greater clarity--who else is a genius?

Monday, March 3, 2008

It is clear

The sky has parted and the truth has been revealed.





I am terrible at updating! I apparently can not type two words into this pad and call it a day. I simply can not. However, I will try.